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Does The World Really Need Another Blog?

I Caved

In my first post (see below) I claimed I wouldn't pester friends by announcing the existence of this blog.  


And now I have. 


Boy that didn't take long!


Thus, the score remains, Ego - 1, Modesty - 0.


Now I don't intend to bug folks every time I put a new post up, but hey, I lied about this once before, so why should you believe me?


Seriously, if you do want to get an alert now and then, let me know, either via email or by posting a comment to this message. I promise not to overload your inbox by sending out a note every time a new post goes up.


As it is, too much of our time is taken up with fending off the internet's intrusions, so I wouldn't take it personally if you silently decline the offer.  


Thanks for reading this far. 

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