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Stories and Essays

Freda kept losing her husband...then he asked the unthinkable


 (This story originally appeared in the "Remembered Arts Journal")

A true story of Baseball, Buffalo and a lifelong dream.

Joe Barton will do any task his boss gives him, but when the boss makes a strange bet with the company's CFO, Joe's loyalty is tested.







100% of the author's share of profits from this story will be donated to Jericho Road Community Health Center, a non-profit agency supporting refugees, immigrants and other economically challenged residents of Buffalo, NY. 

A couple seeks peace for themselves, and a place in the world for their only child...


A nurses aide learns that the least among us have something to share...

Reconnecting with a college love through the power of Facebook over thirty years later brings up a flood of memories for successful painter Gene Hairston.

A man in love for the first time totally misses the point...

Timeless human struggles unfold across a journey through life…